Kanye West back at it again!

Mr. Kanye West is back on Twitter since April 14th. Over this ten days period he has talked about everything: from his own Yeezy line to philosophical questions, politics and most important, album releases.


In a similar way has he did back in 2016 before the release of The Life Of Pablo, Kanye is back at posting random thoughts and pictures on the social platform. This could be a strictly promotional decision, which was supported a couple of days later by the announced of his new album dropping on June 1st.

Immediately after this, he also made public that a collaborative project with Kid Cudi (called Kids See Ghosts) is also releasing on June 8th, as well as a Teyana Taylor (on June 22nd) and a Pusha T album (on Mai 25th). He also made clear that he is taking the main producer role in each one of this upcoming records.

There is still no information on official confirmations from a label standpoint or any singles, tracklists or album titles and covers for any of this projects. Knowing Mr. West we could surely count on delays or title changes; but on the other hand he is the boss of GOOD Music, so we could maybe believe that this announcements are completely real. Certain is that the beginning of the summer will really tell…

Three days later, in what seemed to be a typical Ye hurry, he posted a sketch made by popular Japanese artist (frequent Off White collaborator, as well as main designer of the ComplexCon logos) Takashi Murakami, announcing what may be a first cover idea for the collaborative album between him and Cudi.

A last album related tweet (an arguably the biggest one) was made just a couple of days ago, on April 22nd, and it implicated rap legend Nas. This project will supposedly release on June 15th (marking three incredible releases for the three first G.O.O.D Fridays of June).

This news got even DJ Khaled really really hyped on Instagram, because he originally  announced that a Nas album was coming on 2016, in their hit-single Nas Album Done, from Major Key. If two years ago there was already a full-length album from Nas, then it is important to know how much the project has change in the curse of two years, or if it has been completely redone with the help of super producer Kanye West.

Hopefully more news are going to be revealed on Kanye’s Twitter as the release dates are near, so stay tuned!



Main picture from @kanyewest on Twitter.

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