Black & White Nike Off White Air Presto

Virgil Abloh announced on his Instagram last Sunday that both leaked versions of the Nike Off White Air Presto are releasing shortly.


Although there is no official pictures or confirmation on how and when they are releasing; if they are going to drop together as a pack or separately like the “Black and White Glass” Nike Off White Air Vapormax.

 The White itineration contains similar white and icy tones as the second Air Jordan I  and the White Glass” Air Vapormax. And the black version features an all black upper, with exception of the stitched Nike Swoosh being white. Both sneakers include the famous red zip tie and the small orange tag underneath the Swoosh. 

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Nike Off White Air Jordan I and Vapormax, released in February and late March and April respectively (Official pictures from Nike Launch).

This drop will mark the third silhouette thats being remixed in 2018 since the original Ten Collection (released last November). And so, is also important to mention the ongoing discussion about the originality of the new Nike Off White pairs that have released this year: all of them being just new colorways, and not differently deconstructed designs of the past releases or even new silhouettes in the Nike sneaker-spectrum.


And so it is expected to continue in the Nike and Off White collaborative journey, because new colorways of the Nike Blazer have popped up on the Internet a couple of weeks ago (including a very interesting grey and silver colorway); but with no type of official confirmation.

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