Overkill x Puma “Pfeffiboys”

Another collaboration from the Berlin based retailer, this time in collaboration with Puma, putting out two new silhouettes together with a bunch of different sneaker-related items.

Overkill choose the Disc Blaze and the Blaze Cage models, with colorways inspired by the popular spirit “Berliner Luft”, also known as “Pffefi”. This idea came together when the designers from Puma and Overkill sat together at night in different pubs, obviously drinking this also Berlin based liqueur. So they came to the point of calling themselves, and the full collab: “Pfeffiboys”.

The Disc Blaze takes the Mint Green color from the “Pffefi”. The different materials of the shoe include a Premium leather upper and a plastic reflective Formstrip. It also features red heels, reminding on the logo of the drink, and Overkill and Puma branding on the Heel, the Midsole and the Insole, as well as “Pfeffi-Boys” branding on the tongue.





The second shoe, the Blaze Cage, is literally inspired by the hangover day that comes after the night spent drinking Berliner Luft. So the guys from Overkill decided to call the shoe “Blackout”. This Puma silhouette is very similar to the other one, with the different that this does not feature a tighten Disc. The shoe has an all black upper with little Mint green accents and also red Overkill and Puma branding on the tongue and the Insole.





The collaboration also includes a handful of items: a Pin set (12€), a Bat (50€), a Flask bottle (18€) and a Keychain of each shoe (8€).

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The shoes are going to be available for 150€ at 11 am at Overkill on Saturday November 18th, as a Instore release, with the remainig stock put online later on the day.

On Friday night an event celebrating the release of the shoes is going to take place at the retailers location in Berlin at 9 pm (Köpenicker straße 18). But only for those on the “Gäste Liste”, which means a Party with Invitation Only. Check the Facebook event here.

All pictures from Overkillshop.com




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