Adidas “Fractal Camouflage” NMD Pack

Adidas Originals is back with another limited and hyped release since being quiet for a while (last important release I paid attention to was the all-black NMD City Sock that dropped in collaboration with The Good Will Out). One more time the German Brand is putting out two NMD R1 Primeknit as a new pack called “Fractal Camouflage”.

Interesting in this release is firstly that only 900 pairs per colorway has been made, that they are only going to drop in western Europe and that each pair reminds of famous NMD R1s that have dropped in the past.



The red pair seems like a 2.0 version of the very sought after “Red Apple”, that dropped last year only in New York and was made to pay homage to the city. Although differences are easy to recognize: the three stripes are black instead of red, the blockers are red instead of white, the heel is made of the regular plastic material and the glitch of the Primeknit upper also presents different tones and layers.

Adidas NMD R1 Primeknit “Red Apple”

The second pair is intriguing only because its upper is similar to the one used on the F&F OG colorway, which opens up the possibility of costumize this pair into a F&F one. But also the differences are clear: apart of the obvious different color of the blockers, the rubber outsole is grey instead of black and the glitch tones of the upper also seem to have small variations in comparison with the Friends & Family pair, it would be found out when the shoe drops.

Adidas NMD R1 OG Friends & Family

The pack is dropping this Friday, 20th of October. Due to the limited amount of pairs you have to made a previous log in with your size on the Adidas website or on the Confirmed App (that is also used for Yeezy releases). Check out all information around this release and make your size “reservation” here.

Finally, in the US two pairs, different from the ones dropping in Europe, are going to release also as part of the pack in the same limited quantities: 900 pairs per colorway.




Main picture from Highsnobiety Instagram account.

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