Eminem’s freestyle verse at the BET Hip Hop Awards

Apart of all the winners and performances at yesterdays Bet Hip Hop Awards, the show also included a freestyle chypher by various artist such as Belly, Fat Joe and Eminem.

Eminem’s appearance caught the attention of everybody since DJ Khaled announced it with an Instagram post. In the freestyle he talks about almost everything going on in the US political and social landscape: Eminem throws shots at current US President Donald Trump saying that he is not his president because of his attitude towards NFL teams, Puerto Rico and the wall he wants to build, he also gives props to Obama and stands besides NFL player Collin Kaepernick, who is being treated miserably by his own team because of kneeling to the National Anthem. At the end he also makes clear that anyone of his fans that also supports Trump should go fuck themselves. Check it out below:


This come back from Em could mean that an album release could be very close (At Thursday’s episode of Everyday Struggle Nadeska, Joe Budden and DJ Academiks talked about a rumored 17th of October released date, which is not official confirmed).

This would be another significant album for an already great year in Hip Hop, where we already had huge releases from JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Meek Mill, SZA, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, etc.

So stay tuned for more. But lets just say that the 17th is next week so I hope that is really dropping then and that the political themes and statements continue on this upcoming project.


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