SkAir Max 97 Drop

2017 being the year of the Air Max 97 and Grime rapper Skepta being a huge Nike fan made this collaboration come to life. The idea behind the model was putting together the two cities of London (where Skepta is originally from) and Marrakech (city that the rapper recently visited and was inspired from): from the first city he got the shoe colors, which are original from the Air Tuned Max 99 (first Air Max that he ever bought as a teenager), a type of copper or bronze tone that is iridescent, which means that it changes from different perspectives; and from the Morocco city he got the embroidery which is typical on the clothes and dresses of the native people.

Air Tuned Max 99

The concept is definitely well thought and came to live perfectly. Some could argue that the color is not the best but in my opinion it looks pretty dope and matches in a way with the upcoming fall season.

The shoe was also presented last thursday-night in London, in a cool event attempted by famous designers such as Virgil Abloh and Ian Connor and even by A$AP Rocky. They displayed a type of Marrakech vibe where they recreated small groceries and food trucks.

Post from runnerwally Instagram page.

As I said 2017 is being undoubtedly the year of the Air Max 97 and Nike brand is paying homage to this silhouette in a big and well deserved way: we already had OG colorways such as the Silver Bullet and the Gold, a few new models with lighter Flyknit uppers and now the SkAir. Also lets not forget the Undefeated collab in black and white that is on his way.

Big tings.

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