First Supreme Fall/ Winter drop

After their small summer pause and after the release of the highly sought after collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Supreme is back with the release of the lookbook for the complete new season and with their first big drop. The new collection dropped at the Supreme flagships worldwide last week on August 17th and online yesterday, the 24th.

Usually the first drops of the season have more variety and quantity as the following weekly launches, so lets talk about the clothing of this very first Fall/ Winter release.



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Supreme Hoodies and Jackets are always a must have (if they were not so expensive) and this drop includes a few hard ones. The more interesting one for me is the Patchwork Hooded Sweatshirt (198 €) in its navy variation (dropped in other two colorways, also cream-white and black). And which pairs with also three Patchwork Sweatpants (168 €). Also the Flower Centerpiece Hooded Sweatshirt, 168 € (in six color variation, being the ice blue and the burgundy the most look after)  and the Blocked Hooded Sweatshirt (168 €) with Supreme branding in the front and the back dropped in the Hoodies section.

Three jackets caught my attention in this first drop, the Scarface The World Is Yours Denim, 328 € (that comes also with a Denim Pant, 188 €), the rain Taped Seam Jacket, 298 € (in four different colors: teal blue, bright yellow, red and black) and the Gonz Ramm Varsity Jacket (398 €) also in four colorways.

Another interesting pants are the Realtree Camo Flannel Pant (116 €) in black, pink and woodbine brown.



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Ten different graphics in nine different color variations (white, black, navy blue, red, lime green, light pink, royal blue, brown, bright orange and grey) came out this past week. The more sought after is the Nasty Nas Tee (which included the funny wordplay between Nasty and Nas-Tee). Apart from this, they released the Kiss Tee (still available in some colorways): with a graphic of a couple kissing and a bunch of girls touching or covering each others pussies (one of them has a Boxlogo on!), the Fuck With Your Head Tee, the very cool DNA Tee: that includes the proportions of Money, Weed, Pussy and Supreme on the DNA Sequence, the Venus Tee, the Gonz Heads Tee, the one zillion Dollar Tee, the Heart Tee (still available): which includes different characters forming the word LOVE, the Crash Tee: with the word Supreme all over the back and the Bloom Longsleeve T-shirt. All of them for the regular Supreme graphic Tee price of 48 €.



Seven different hats and three beanies came out yesterday. The more interesting ones were the New Era Heart Cap, the Supreme logo Camp Cap that included three rare colorways (a tan, a navy and a pink digital camo), the Tonal S Logo 6-Panel (also in a desert camo variation), the Gonz Ramm 6-Panel and the Flowers Centerpiece Beanie. Prices vary between 48 and 50 € for the caps and 32 € for the beanies. Plenty of them also are still available at the Supreme site.



As usual four different bags came out: a Backpack (148 €), a Duffle bag (148 €), a Waist bag (88 €) and a Shoulder bag (48 €). All of them in a black, white, red or dark teal green nylon with some 3M branding (I copped the small white Shoulder Bag with red Supreme logo, after failing by the checkout of the Nas Tee). Some of them are still available at the Supreme online site.



Accessories are used to be some of the most hyped items in every Supreme drop, and this time it was no different: the Blood and Semen Skateboard deck, the red Collapsible Shovel, the small Safety Sack with the embroidery of the phrase: Money is Always Most Important , the Gold Ceramic Ashtray and the Gold and Silver Diamond Zippos. They also released a Pin and a few Keychains, as well as the regular Hanes Tees, Boxers and socks.


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