New Yeezy Boost 700

The new so called Yeezy Wave Runner Boost 700 (first seen on the last Yeezy Season fashion show in New York City a few months ago) dropped on Yeezysupply last Sunday. The drop and the technology used in the shoe were both unexpected: first the surprise drop on Kanye’s brand site, where they were available for a few hours and only for the United States and Canada as a preorder which is going to ship on November 1st. Second, it turns out that this is going to be the forth Kanye’s signature shoe with a boost sole on it.

This sole unit is not visible as in the other shoes (350, 350 V2 and 750) and it is still a question if it is going to be partially to see from underneath.

Picture from @theyeezymafia

Kim Kardashian also uploaded a few pictures on her Snapchat of her personal pair and of the shoebox, which seems to be similar to the 350 V2 box but with the number 700 on it.

As seen in the picture the shoe also features several reflective 3M parts.

The final question is if this OG silhouette is going to see a wider release and if its going to have different color itinerations. The Yeezy Mafia wrote in their Twitter page that these release is going to be kept as a Yeezysupply exclusive so lets hope this is not completely true. But truth be told Kanye as already been spotted wearing an all black pair in a recent visit to a BAPE Store in Japan with Kid Cudi, so it feels like a new Yeezy Boost 700 season is approaching.





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