Week in review June 4th

Very busy last week of June with a lot of huge releases. Nike released another “Triple black” colorway of the Vapormax and Adidas kind of responded to that with the 3.0 “Triple black” and Multicolor Ultraboosts. On streetwear, the Adidas x Palace summer drop continued this week with a second part and the long awaited Louis Vuitton x Supreme went down almost without prior notice. Also the worldwide release of the Adidas Parley Ultraboosts collaboration and a new Air Jordan V came this week.


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This launched took place in the US on World Oceans Day on June 8th, so I already wrote about on the first Week in review post of the month.

The release includes three different boost shoes: Ultra Boost 3.0, Ultra Boost Uncaged and Ultra Boost X, which are the same Parley shoes that released two or three weeks ago in the Navy Blue colorway. This time the Primeknit upper features an Ice Blue tone that makes the shoe perfect for the summer.

I really like the work that Adidas and Parley are doing together and I would like to see this type of releases happening more often and as general releases. I am even going to say that I would like that at some point every Adidas shoe is make out of plastic of the oceans (as you may not know Parley is a non governmental organization creating awareness about the damage in our ocean ecosystems, and that among many other things picks up residual plastics from the sea and sells them to Adidas to make shoe uppers).



Picture from Thesolesupplier

After a month and a half where we have been kind of seen the Vapormax taking over the Ultraboost drops, with more than 10 different colorway released, Adidas tried to react to the eleventh itineration with their third variation of the “Triple Black” Ultraboost (they are also dropping a Multicolor one on the same day and a special Pride one in celebration of the LGBTQ Community on Saturday July 1st, so as you see, a pretty good lineup).

It is an Ultraboost, which means it has boost on it and it is comfortable, and it is triple black, which means the boost is painted black, so they definitely had a lot of hyped and sold out quickly. I personally prefer the very first 1.0 Triple Black but only because I like the type of Primeknit on them better.

About the rivalry happening between both Adidas and Nike models, I just think that the Ultraboost is still a more comfortable and fashionable shoe than the Vapormax but just the fact of the Vapormax being a brand new silhouette (and also having made really good colorway decisions) is enough argument to really compare the two. More about this debate in the Youtube channel of Turnschuh.tv (in german). So lets see what is going to happen in the future, where the designs and sales of both shoes lead.


Picture from Sneakernews.com

Second Ultraboost release of the week after the “Triple Black” and third Multicolor itineration we have seen.

I own the Multicolor Ultraboost 1.0 (mostly white with small multicolor Primeknit touches and red heel) and they are a personal favorite of mine, so I would not say that this ones are the best Multicolors to date. It almost seen to be really similar to that one but with black and white inverted as main color and with more colorful dots all over the upper.

So again, a very worthy limited Ultraboost which drops on the 28th maybe to compete against the Vapormax. Very hard decision on which run-shoe to cop for all sneakerheads out there.




Also a drop that already happened on the US (June 22sd) and which I already talked about.

This is the third all black itineration of the Vapormax, after the laceless collaborative one with Comme des Garcons and the one that dropped on Air Max Day. The differences between booth are that the Flyknit upper (with some grey tones on this weeks pair) and that the new colorway is featuring a more black smoky sole instead of a completely blackout.

In my opinion there is a must buy type of thing with the “Triple black”. For all of us interesting on this new Nike silhouette but that did not really liked non of the colorways that dropped before this really feels as the one. I hope that they keep pushing this model forward and not made it dry out like past releases such as the Roshe Run for example.

Available at Nike.com



AIR MAX 97 White summit
Picture from  Thegoodwillout


Nike continues their Air Max 97 2017 run with the release of the third colorway of the year after both OG colorways (“Silver Bullet” and “Metallic Gold”).

The shoe features different off white tones all over a synthetic leather upper and a snakeskin pattern on the sock linner. Very good looking shoe in a very summer friendly colorway. Rumored is that an all black itineration is also coming before the end of the year.



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I am not really sure of this drop was really cut in two parts or if has drop this week in different retailers as Adidas and Palace, which is something that Adidas usually does with Consortium and Sneaker Exchange releases (so probably the second because it was dropping for example at Endclothing this week ).

As I posted last week, the german and british brands collaborate again as they have been doing since 2015. The collection includes a Tee Shirt in two colorways (White/Black and Grey/Lucky Orange), a Running Cap (also in both colorways), a Hooded Jacket, a Crewneck, some Track Pants and Shorts, a Bathrobe and two new colorways of the Adidas x Palace Indoor Trainer.

This new Palace drop is probably going to catch a lot of attention in my opinion, even more than the previous ones (also because Palace just opened their new Flagship store in New York City), the tones used in every piece are very summer friendly and flashy, also matching really good with each other.

In the collection they are two items that stand up as must have: the Crewneck with the Tri-Ferg Palace logo and the Bathrobe, which is being hyped the most. The sneakers dropping are more in the background of it all, but this does not mean that Palace is not being true to its roots, making pretty comfortable shoes with a little amount of boost perfect for skating, which is what is all about for them.



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There is not a street brand more hyped than Supreme, no argument about that. So imagine you would put that together with a high fashion brand such as LV. As you already know that is exactly what happened, the world went crazy with the collection being first shown at the beginning of the year in Paris, with Travis Scott being there and wearing the box logo and with the prices ( 50.000 € for one of the big red boxes, 505 € for the glasses, 1K for the sneakers, almost 500 € for the Box Logo, etc). Unaffordable for most of us, and imagine what resell is going to be.

The release went down in Pop Up Stores in capital cities such as Sydney, Paris, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokio, Seoul and Beijing. To see what went down in London definitely watch The Unknown Blogs video about it.

I am really a fan of Supreme as a streetwear brand and I was really surprised that this collab was going to happen when it first got announced. I am wondering which way is Supreme taking in the future and if they are going to work with other high fashion brands of this level. I just hoped that they stay truth to their roots (as they have always been), being mostly passioned about skating and the New York City Culture and having every season a few non too crazy drops were I am able to grab something online.

All items to see in this Instagram post of Highsnobiety.




The Jordan V originally dropped in 1990 taking inspiration of the Second World War american warplanes. The first retro pairs came ten years later, for example The Fresh Prince of Bel Air colorway. In 2010 the firsts all red itinerations released and now in 2017 Jordan is taking it another step forward with this version adding suede all over the upper.

I am not personally a huge fan of the Jordan V (I prefer the I, III, IV and VI better)and I think that all red sneakers is something that you could do a few years ago and that I often did (wearing all red AF-1 or Air Max ), but right now it maybe is a little outmoded. Anyway the shoe looks pretty solid, so in general a good release from the Jordan brand.

Available on 9 am July 1st here.




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