Week in review June 3rd

Dominated week by Nike with the drop of five new itinerations of the Vapormax. Adidas comes with just a big enough drop: the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Zebra”. So everybody will probably trying their luck on the raffles after this surprising and hyped restock.



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Four new colorways of the newest Air Max member dropping on Tuesday. This follows the drop of two weeks ago, when six new models came out, one of them the dark blue curated by Travis Scott. All of them are solid colorways, but rarely non of them very summer friendly. The one I like the most is the “Dark Team Red”, which remembers the pair mention before, but in a dark red itineration.

My only complain about the Vapormax, is the price tag, I mean the shoe is maybe the most comfortable shoe Nike has dropped but every shoe over 200 € has to be for me other thing, like a collaboration, or high fashion, Pharrels or all that stuff. A trainer for that price is too much, also cause you can get a Ultraboost for less and is a better and more comfortable running shoe. But look also after the “Triple Black” (dropping thursday), if you do not like the first four colorways.

Dropping in the USA only, in Europe probably July but a confirmed date is not out yet.




This is maybe a must try type of thing with the “Triple black”. This is the third all black itineration of the Vapormax, after the laceless collaborative one with Comme des Garcons and the one that dropped on Air Max Day. The differences between booth are that the Flyknit upper (with some grey tones on this weeks pair) and that the new colorway is featuring a more black smoky sole instead of a completely blackout. The shoe is dropping on thurday, probably more limited that the four ones from tuesday.

If you like the silhouette of the Vapormax go after this or booth dark red and blue itineration.

Dropping on Thursday the 22nd in the USA, in Europe on the 29th at Nike.com and Thegoodwillout, among others.


ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “ZEBRA” (JUNE 24th, 220 €)

Picture from Thegoodwillout.com

Yes, the “Zebras” are REstocking, nobody had probably imagine, so you are maybe regretting that you pay all that resell. However if you missed, your chances of having to do it again are still high.

Going to the shoe, I really thing that it is the best looking colorway of the V2 line, besides of that it maybe created a lot of hype, due to the exclusivity of the first drop.

So get your links and your quick-tipping and reposting skills together if you want to be successful on the raffles. Im posting my favorites below (because I have been lucky on them before).

Thegoodwillout: Instore raffle going on wednesday the 21st.

Afew Store: Instore and Online raffle.

End Clothing: End launches online raffle.

Sneakersnstuff (Berlin): Instore raffle on thursday the 22nd.

Footlocker: Instore raffle in the Madrid, Amsterdam, Munchen, Milano locations and First come first serve basis in Barcelona and Berlin.

Adidas.com: Online on saturday around 10 am.



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