Week in review June 1st

If a had to describe this week in just a few words I would say that it is a pretty calm one for what we are used to from last months. Let us hope that it is just a small pause in preparation for what is coming.

Any of this weeks drops are really heavy ones: a restocks of the Air Max 97 “Silver Bullet”, the release of new Parley colorways and another Adidas Originals collaboration, this time with Porter.

Lets talk about every of them separately and a few other interesting ones:




This shoe comes as a variation of a football shoe ( Nemeziz 17.1 FG) that dropped the same day (Adidas players such as Messi and Firmino have been promoting it). It features kind of the same upper with a regular boost sole. In my opinion it is a little to loud but if you want something football looking and comfortable for the all day basis then is definitely for you.

Still available at Adidas and Adidas retailers. You can check them out just by clicking the links.




This pair was pretty hyped up when it originally dropped in April, maybe because it was a pair that we had not see in a while and because its release worked has a limited one, driving resell prices up. When I visited Sneaker X_ in Cologne at the end of April I saw a lot of people wearing them and also a lot people reselling them although prices were not to crazy (around 230, and even a friend of mine got the chance to buy them for 200), but that showed me that the sought after this pair was there. And Nike realized this too, and maybe it was their plan from the beginning. After the first release in April they also put out the gold itineration and now a restock is happening, working almost as general release. Like I said I feel like it was planned out from the beginning that this pair was going to restock later one using the first limited release just to make sure that more people would jump to the pair afterwards.

The Air Max 97 “Silver Bullet” restocked at retailers such as Overkill and obviously at Nike.



SF AF-1 Mid
Picture from Overkillshop.com

First itineration of this new mid model that has been developed after the success of the Special Field Urban Utility and Future Force that have been dropping since later last year. This new model remains my of a regular Air Force 1 Mid in its shape. The zipper in the back, the strap, the silver product number inscription and the absence of the Swoosh make the main differences. The colorway and materials stay true to the Special Field Military concept using a camo print, ballistic nylon and water resistant leather.

Also available at Overkill. But already sold out.



UB Parley

First of all this released is planned just for United States, in Europe it would appear at the 28th. It includes three different boost shoes: Ultra Boost 3.0, Ultra Boost Uncaged and Ultra Boost X, which are the same Parley shoes that released two or three weeks ago in the Navy Blue colorway. This time the Primeknit upper features an Ice Blue tone that makes the shoe perfect for the summer.

I really like the work that Adidas and Parley are doing together and I would like to see this type of releases happening more often and as general releases. I am even going to say that I would like that at some point every Adidas shoe is make out of plastic of the oceans (as you may not know Parley is a non governmental organization creating awareness about the damage in our ocean ecosystems, and that among many other things picks up residual plastics from the sea and sells them to Adidas to make shoe uppers).

A few Adidas products made out of Parleys plastic are already at Adidas.



Adidas NMD Chukka Porter
Picture from Thegoodwillout.com

Long time no see for the Adidas Nmd Chukka. The third originally variation of the Nmd maybe has not being so hyped since it first release but nowadays you can expect every collaboration from Adidas that has boost on it to sell out. This time Adidas partners again with Japan based Porter, which is known for making high quality bags. And that is why the collaboration also includes a Helmet Bag (230€) and a Waist/Shoulder Bag (170 €). The shoe itself has an all black upper with both blockers in blue. Other main features are the Porter brand logo on the tongue, the strap on the back with the three white stripes and the laces.

Available at Thegoodwillout (also the bags) and Overkill.






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