Air Max 1 OG Anniversary Blue release

After a hard end of my uni semester I took a few days to visit family and friends and to catch Drakes The Boy Meets The World Tour in Berlin. The capital of Germany is the only city in the country where two shops are having so far Instore releases of Air Max 1s this month: Overkill and Solebox. So I took the opportunity to try to get the blue original colorway.

I have to mention that last weekend I really wanted the OG Red but I only could try online and you already know how it is most of the time, catching Ls on the Nike raffle and on overloaded retail sites: I got them twice on my cart (43Einhalb and Sivasdescalzo from Spain) but I could not check out. So I was hopping to get the Blue pair in Berlin and to try to switch it with somebody for the Red, but I was only halfway successful because I did got the pair but not in my size, so is probably going directly to Ebay.

I decided to go to Overkill because it was closer to my house and because I have never been there before. (Also because Solebox is in a more overcrowded district of the city so I decided not to try my luck there).

It was fun and cold and a lot of people were wearing classic Air Max pairs (as seen on the pics). They got about 40 pairs and the list closed just a person after me, thats the reason why I could not get my size, maybe I should got there earlier but the incredible Barcelona win against PSG the night before made it impossible. The clearest differences between the original shoe launched on 1987 and this one on 2017 are the shape of the front and the better quality of the materials.




A peculiar situation that happened and that the people after me were maybe complaining about was that a young asian guy with 350 moonrocks on, got 3 people on the line for him. In my opinion this is part of the game and, you know, props to him if he is running that kind of business at that young age. When I got my pair I asked him if he wanted it and I saw that he got three sizes 10 around him, probably the most desire ones.


Another interesting thing is that Overkill was already preparing the celebration around the Masters Air Max 1 release on Saturday (11.03). They are going the throw on friday night a party with an Airmaxs exhibition and the all night long campout for the shoe, pretty amazing.

The Master pair and the Atmos one releasing on Air Max Day (26.03) are probably the most desire ones of the march lineup, that also included the OG colorways, the OG colorways on a 2.0 version, a bunch of Airmax 90s with Flyknit, the new Vapormax and the women Jewells.

Nike really got me excited with all these releases after months of just haunting for Adidas Boost shoes, and I am really looking forward to the Atmos release on Air Max Day. Hopefully some of the retailers over in Düsseldorf or Cologne got them.








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