SNEAKERNESS 2017-tour starts in Düsseldorf- DAY 2

The biggest sneaker marketplace Europe began its awaited 2017 tour in Düsseldorf. The two days event took place the 28 and 29 January in the Postpost Grand Central near to the main train station of Düsseldorf. These event was in someway different than the normally Sneakerness we have seen years before, because it also included a Streetstylecon wich already started on Friday the 27th.

Sneakerness started in Bern in 2008 and now has grown to be the European “Sneakercon”, every year the event hit cities such as Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Munich, Warschau and Düsseldorf. I got the opportunity to be there friday and saturday and I was able to “bounce back” after taking the L I took on the NMD OG Release. A few impressions and shots of the second day beneath. Enjoy.

The day started with a car ride of an hour to Düsseldorf. When we got there around 12 we were able to park direct in the convention area so that when we got out of the car a line of around 100 meters where already waiting for us. However it moved pretty quickly and around 20 minutes later we got our armbands and went in. Interesting to see were the scene of a kid who was apparently leaving the Sneakerness after it had only been open for about an hour. He had probably found already what he was looking for… maybe…the Bape jacket? Shoutout to him anyway.

At the time we got in it was really crowded, both of people and shoes. Nike and Jordan where taking over most of the tables, but the shoes were people was making circles around, literally, to take pictures or touch them were from Adidas.

They got every important and hyped release of last year to see, I´m talking about sneakers such as the Air Jordan Is (Breds, Black Toes and Top Threes), Adidas Futurecrafts, Bape NMDs, Human Race NMDs, Parley and Kith Ultraboosts, Vans Fear of God and obviously Yeezys, which were maybe to often to see on the tables and on feet of lot of people, even me.


Also clothes were being sold which I did not expected in that way. Lots of Supreme: the TNF Jackets of last years winter, Gucci Mane tees, caps and a few box logo Hoodies also from last year release. We also found some Palace that were selling under retail price. Aside from all these hyped clothing, there were some Parra caps that were pretty cool and the collaboration shirts between Afew and Need More. Also Fila was there with clothes and big screens with images of their newest products.

The first hours that we were there it was really difficult to move, but the atmosphere were amazing with the winter sun shinning through the windows of the venue. After we walked by all the tables for one time thoughts of what I could be able to buy were coming to my head.


Polish retailer Worldbox was selling the NMD OG for 200 Euros (thats 20 over retail), it was probably one of the biggest offers at the Sneakerness because every other table were selling them for over 250. They were also having a Yeezy raffle of the “Oreo” 350s, so definitely had a pretty cool booth. The two German retailers from the area The Good Will Out from Cologne and Afew from Düsseldorf were suppose to have booths at Sneakerness too but they did not. Do not know why but I personally missed them (Both were selling good shoes for good prices last year at Klekt Cologne).

After the OG NMDs I found the scarlet Human Races (I love that shoe, because is red and I love red and because that silhouette of the NMD that Pharrell created looks very good) for 280, which is also a fair price considering that retail was 240 and that the red ones are peoples favorites. It was still a lot of money, so in the time I spent thinking about it, my size was already gone.


Another shoe I founded at the venue where the Red Supreme Air Forces from the 2014 collaboration. I think Air Forces are the best shoe period because they were my first pair of sneakers (AF1 Mid with Leather in red and white I bought for 80$ on a Footlocker in Philadelphia, I used the shoe for over four years and it was always comfortable and warm). Since I saw the Supreme ones a few years ago I felt they could be a really good replacement since I cannot wear my red AF1 anymore. But again the price was to high for my budget.


One last shoe I was interesting in were some Samples of Parley caged Ultraboost (sample yes…and caged yes…and Parley!). I love the concept behind the shoe and I think Adidas should produce even more shoes that help the environment. I had never seen these specific  model  before, not even on the internet. They are dark blue and were selling for over 600 Euros, and for obviously reasons I do not wanted to post a picture of them. That booth had a lot of more samples such as NMDs CS1 and UB with bronze painted boostsole and they were selling them without problems. One of the dopest tables at Sneakerness no doubt, one of the workers had even sell right away the Copper Yeezys he had on and had been ask about the price of the pink glitch NMDs he had put on after.

img_2648After being at Sneakerness for about two hours and going multiple times over the tables the first thing we bought were some Supreme frames with some of the classical tee photos, such as Mike Tyson and Kermit the frog.

After that we went leave the posters in the car and met two kids that were photoshooting the sneakers they had bought. They told us that they had saved almost 700 Euros just for that day! I asked one of them how much did he paid for his Yeezy 750s and his answer was something like this: “600… but…what should I do?” Unbelievable, he was like 15 years old.

Then we returned to the venue and ate some fries in front of the main door. Standing there a guy that was making a study for his university asked us questions like: How many pair of shoes you own? how many did you buy last year? Do you care about the conditions in which sneakers are produce? That type of stuff. Pretty interesting conversation while you are eating.

We went in for almost an hour more. We met a guy from the Netherlands that makes good  looking Yeezy customizations and found a table with hundred of different stickers. Also we make sure to check the “Holy Grails” (as seen in one of the pictures beneath) one more time.

Before we left I finally decided to take the OG NMDs home, making someway homage to my OG visit to the Sneakerness. I had a great time and I am looking forward to catch up the next Sneakerness in Berlin, Cologne or maybe other european city.



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