SNEAKERNESS 2017-tour starts in Düsseldorf- DAY 1

The biggest sneaker marketplace Europe began its awaited 2017 tour in Düsseldorf. The two days event took place the 28 and 29 January in the Postpost Grand Central near to the main train station of Düsseldorf. These event was in someway different than the normally Sneakerness we have seen years before, because it also included a Streetstylecon wich already started on Friday the 27th.

Sneakerness started in Bern in 2008 and now has grown to be the European “Sneakercon”, every year the event hit cities such as Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Munich, Warschau and Düsseldorf. I got the opportunity to be there friday and saturday and I was able to “bounce back” after taking the L I took on the NMD OG Release. A few impressions and shots of the first day beneath. Enjoy.



The Streetstylecon started on friday at 15 pm, when we arrived there it was really not much going on and the workers where still preparing things for the evening and the next day. After getting our armbands and seeing how empty the location was we decided to go to the city to get something to eat and to check Afew store.

The store, wich is getting rebuild, is looking good, I´m definitely looking forward to see how it looks like when they open. The cool temporary container store got every EQT that released the day before, except obviously the 93/17 with boost on it. They were also preparing the stickers and the collaborations shirts with Need More that were going to be sold the day after in honor of the Asics “Koi” Afew Collab and the Afew x KangaROOS Omnicoil II. Both the shirt and the little box in wich they came where looking really good, in some way true to the concepts behind both shoes.


After that we went to eat Japanese ramen near to Afew and then we went back to the Streetstylecon, and again there was not really much going on. But interesting were first of all a few really cool pieces of streetart such as Sneakercustoms and paintings. Also Skaters on the Halfpipe from Titus and a stand wich was selling HBA and Off-White for relative affordable prices caught our attention (like for example T-shirts for 120 and Pants for 100; Hood By Air is already doing regular fashion shows, thats what I mean by relative affordable).

In the evening, they where a few live acts and dance shows planned, we did not stayed but surely the Convention gain in visitors. Before we leaved we make sure to talk a bit with the few resellers that were already preparing for saturday and they warned us of the amount of sneakers they were going to be able the next day!






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